The Securus Mission

The Securus mission is to is to assist people with Alzheimer’s disease to remain active  as long as possible.  Alzheimer’s disease is a serious illness which affects brain activity, memory, and the ability to function normally in social, work, and leisure situations.  There are currently 5 million Alzheimer’s patients in the United States and 4.7 million in Europe.  According to Forbes  magazine, 100 million people worldwide may develop the illness by 2050.  Considering that  Alzheimer’s disease presents a global challenge,  our company’s mission is help those afflicted by it’s impact.  We offer a sophisticated but easy to use device which keeps a patient safe by tracking his or her location at all times.  Although Alzheimer’s has no cure, our service allows those with the disease to live with increased frequency and mobility.



For Alzheimer's Patients:

Our cutting edge software focuses on improving quality of life, has a call center for support, and also monitors vitals.


For Monitoring Criminals:

Securus Software tracks sexually violent criminals 24/7, so they can be monitored, thus preventing crime. 

  Healthcare Solutions

The Securus company offers an "Angel on Call" device, which permits people with Alzheimer's to have more freedom of movement.   

  Criminal Justice

Our mobile devices allow for criminals to be tracked and given a safety zone to stay inside of. 

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